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Coaching involves individual sessions that are conducted by appointments that are Face to Face, Face Time or Skype when necessary. 

Individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder 

I help them develop compensatory measures needed for improved life functioning.

Couples where one or both has ADHD

I help them develop strategies to achieve harmony and understand the impact on the other and improve their life together.


Together we work to improve their strategizing for trial preparation and presentation in court.

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Bel-Michele DeMille, Ph.D.

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Bel-Michele DeMille, Ph.D. is ranked as a top psychotherapy in New York New York
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Bristol Medical Building
305 East 55th Street, Suite 202 New York, NY 10022


I help those who are seeking to take charge of their own medical care and health to deal with doctors. Consequently, the patient’s well-being is enhanced.


Coaching Services 


I help them to develop better interpersonal skills to improve patient care.