My Therapeutic Approach to Individual Therapy

I see therapy as a collaboration between the patient and therapist. There is a clear sense, during the initial session, as to the reasons for seeking treatment, where I also describe my approach and office procedures.  

The way I practice therapy is interactive. I offer a warm, pleasant, and bucolic setting that creates comfort and safety. People feel that I am a kind, knowledgeable, and affable therapist who helps them learn about themselves and their life circumstances, so that better choices can be explored and made.  

Typically, I see people in therapy who have a combination of symptoms that impact on their ability to work successfully and make good relationships. They include mood disorders such as depression, anxiety or bipolar. Other symptoms that are common are grief, loneliness, isolation, anger, rage, fear, feeling frozen, malaise, chronic pain, sleep disorders, physical illnesses, addictions and consequences of abuse. My expertise includes, but is not limited to, cognitive behavioral treatments, relational treatments, mind/body techniques, guided imagery, interpersonal therapy and psychoanalysis.

Treatment may often be supplemented with psychiatric consults and/or 12 Step support groups.  As an experienced therapist, I have the flexibility to be eclectic while also individualizing treatment in an effective and collaborative style.

I never fail to be awed by my patients’ ability and courage to face themselves and evolve in committing to the therapeutic process. Together, we discover their creativity and strengths that they use to survive difficult circumstances. 

My Approach To Addictions Treatment

​Although I am most well versed in a 12 Step approach to addictions, with abstinence as its goal, the field of addictions has expanded to a biopsychosocial model. In initial sessions, I assess the interplay of biological, psychological and social factors that are unique to each person.  Then, we create a treatment plan to address exactly what your needs and capabilities are, and we incorporate a harm reduction approach. My primary goal is to continuously engage the patient and help them to make progress towards bettering physical and emotional health. Ultimately, the patient's life will be enhanced, and well-being will be achieved.

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Therapeutic Approaches For Individuals

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